Autumn Chopped Salad

November 11, 2010
Photo Courtesy of Richard Swearinger, BHG Food Editor Extraordinaire

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I love my job. Honestly, if I didn’t there would be something seriously wrong with me. To be surrounded by delicious food and stimulating people day after day is a blessing in the utmost sense of the word.

Last night was no exception.

Once a year, the food editors at my parent company get together for a round of meetings and good eats. And for the second time in a row, we have made it a tradition to go potluck-style instead of dining out. Since we have a huge test kitchen, it works out well and is much more interesting than ordering off a restaurant menu.

When food editors gather, it seems a shame not to tap into the talent and creativity, no?

The recipe I made for our potluck is the ultimate in easy and delicious. It’s actually a version of a salad that was passed down to me from my mom-queen of salad and all things healthy and delectable. In fact, it’s one of the only vegetables my uncles and cousins actually seem to enjoy at family gatherings. Not just enjoy. Wolf down and ask for more, to be exact.

I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner for the sole purpose of eating a salad similar to this. But of course, like all things my mom does, it will taste better when she makes it than when I do.

Autumn Chopped Salad
(Printable Recipe)

*6 to 8 cups chopped romaine lettuce
*2 medium pears, chopped
*1 cup dried cranberries
*1 cup chopped pecans
*8 slices thick-cut bacon, crisp-cooked and crumbled
*4 to 6 oz. feta cheese, crumbled
*Poppy seed Salad Dressing (I like T. Marzetti)
*Balsamic Vinaigrette (I like Newman’s Own Light Balsamic Vinaigrette)

*On a large platter, combine the lettuce, pears, cranberries, pecans, bacon and feta cheese. Drizzle generously with poppy seed dressing, followed by some of the balsamic vinaigrette. (I would estimate that I used about a cup of dressing: 70 percent poppy seed dressing and 30 percent balsamic vinaigrette) If you prefer your salad to have more dressing, feel free to experiment with the combination.

Happy Cooking!


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  • yum great looking salad! love all the fun tasty toppings

  • this looks great!

  • mmmm there's my dinner!

  • Everything's better with bacon! Yum.

  • Yum! this looks awesome

  • seriously? YUM…I can't wait to make this…maybe I'll try to make homemade dressing?

  • Anonymous

    Great post! I’m looking to make some changes in my own eating habits and learning to cook, so I appreciate your insight a lot! Thank you. I recently stumbled upon this blog like I did yours and I thought your readers may appreciate it: http://burisonthecouch.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/food-for-thought/

    I’ve started to look for their stuff more regularly and I think I’m going to add your blog to my list as well. Thanks for the post!


  • Looks so good! What a beautiful photo.

  • I'm so excited to try this! I am linking back to you on http://www.craftybalancing.blogspot.com for my August menu tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • Found this on Pinterest…and am featuring it tomorrow on my blog! You should come say hi!


    Reasons To Skip The Housework {The Blog}
    Tinker B Boutique {The Shop}


  • this looks something you'd get at the Zcracker Barrel lol I think I'll try this on the ladies this month at our ladies meeting at church

  • Heatherbstampin

    making this tonight! Found it on Pinterest I can’t wait! Yum!

    • MadisonMayberry

      Let me know how it turns out! I absolutely love that salad. πŸ™‚

  • CB

    Made this today-AMAZING! A little heavy on the dressing, but still delish

  • cecyj.com

    This looks so good. Dinner for my family tomorrow night, thank you, thank you. CECY j

  • Sara D.

    Had it for dinner tonight…delicious. Tastes as good (if not better!) than it looks, thank you!!

  • Andrea

    made this for dinner tonight…just what the Dr ordered!!! It was beyond yummy!!

  • I loved this recipe! I made it last week and can’t wait to have it again soon! Thank you for sharing!

  • Kerry Trujillo

    Made this last night! Loved it!

  • Mindy Northrop

    I’m making this tonite to go with mac ‘n cheese. Yum!

  • Molly Hildebrandt

    Thank you for the AWESOME recipe! I blogged it here http://myhappymeals.blogspot.com/2011/09/chopped-autumn-salad.html

  • Diesel Diva Fitness

    This recipe is AMAZING! So delish! Thanks!!

  • Tiffanyrueckert

    making this tomorrow for a luncheon at my house — thank you!

  • I made this salad this week, and posted about it on my blog I made some adaptations – no nuts or cheese, and did a different dressing, but we really liked it. At least, the adults did. πŸ™‚

  • Laura

    Found your salad on Pinterest, it looks soooo good!

  • Christine Love

    I made this and it was Soo good! I added chicken and ditlini (sp?) pasta. And I justed crumbled goat cheese instead of feta because I just like it better. Loved the dressing combo!

    • MadisonMayberry

      Yay!! What great adaptations you made, Christine. Sounds like a great way to jazz it up. I love that dressing combination, too. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, salty and tart.

  • Dhdearmon

    Is the dressing something you want to put on and let marinade or is it one you want to add right before eating to keep it all from getting mushy? I have lunch with ladies tomorrow and plan to bring this salad, it looks so good!

    • MadisonMayberry

      Great question! I would wait until the last possible minute to add the dressing (maybe up to 20 minutes before serving) since the lettuce will get a bit wilted and soggy if you dress it too early. πŸ™‚

    • MadisonMayberry

      Thank you so much! Beautiful site and thanks for the link back!

  • Themassys

    making it today. may add walnuts instead of pecans.

  • Breanna Newbill

    you had me at bacon…i’ve shared your post here: http://dollarstoremom.com/2011/10/pinterest-picks-the-im-hungry-edition/

  • Found you on pinterest and this looks awesome! Can’t wait to make it, thanks!

  • Charlotte Ferreux

    I love this recipe and blog…I posted it on my community foodie blog. Hope you can come check it out http://www.facebook.com/thefrenchiefoodie

    Also, feel free to post you’re recipes or you’re favourite foodie tips on it whenever you like!

    • MadisonMayberry

      I will make sure to check it out!

  • I made this last night — added grilled chicken to the salad and viola – a main dish! Amazing — even my 7 year old daughter asked for seconds and cleaned her plate!!! Will definitely make again.

    • MadisonMayberry

      That is so great to hear! Thanks for the feedback. I just love knowing when someone makes a recipe and enjoys it.

  • Kristin Radtke

    Found this on Pinterest. An absolutely perfect salad. Thanks for posting.

  • Vikivale2u

    MMmmmmmmmm,, so autumnal….cant wait to try

  • Goodwin3638

    HI, how many does this serve. I need a salad for 30/ can I use a large salad bowl instead of a platter? sounds wonderful! Karen

  • boycrazy3

    I found this via Pinterest and made it tonight. Sooo good. I have to admit I’m not a huge veggie eater. But I know I will crave this salad! Thanks for a great recipe.

    • MadisonMayberry

      I love hearing that, Kellie! I swear this salad could make even the biggest veggie hater a veggie lover! πŸ™‚

  • Pksather

    My husband is allergic to poppy seeds but I want to make this…what dressing substitutions could I make and still maintain the flavor?

    • MadisonMayberry

      Hmm… you really got me thinking because I don’t know of may dressings that are similar to Poppyseed. But now that I’ve been thinking, I would say that a honey mustard would probably be most similar because it is on the sweeter side, as is poppyseed dressing.

    • Lilly

      You can make your own poppy seed dressing just leave out the poppy seeds. Thats what I did and it tatsted great.

  • Jennie

    Found your recipe on Pinterest and made it tonight. My husband and I loved it. I’m not very creative when it comes to salads. I love the dressing combo. It tasted like a restaurant salad. I will definitely be making this again. πŸ™‚

  • Kkeidem

    made this from Pinterest as well- it is absolutely delicious. An instant classic. The dressing is so good. I used the leftover dressing on absolutely everything- other salads, sandwiches yummy! Thanks for the recipe- will make over and over

  • This was a huge hit at our home! I made another to share with a sick friend today! Thank you!

  • I made this salad for a girl's night I recently hosted. I posted my pictures but put a reference and link to your post here with the recipe. It was delicious. Thanks for sharing!!

  • DivaFare

    This sounds great!

  • Procteramy

    Made this tonight & took to my Bible study group.. we LOVED it! Thanks for the awesome recipe. Will definitely be making this again next week for Thanksgiving. πŸ™‚

  • Stacy

    This is delicious.

  • Rhonda

    Found this salad on Pinterest as well! Using Blue Cheese Dressing…..excited to try it!

  • Shopping Smith

    Thank you for this wonderful salad idea for Thanksgiving! (Found it on Pinterest, too.)

  • jenn

    This is my new favorite. Thank you for sharing.

  • Loy Moore

    Coming over from Friday Favorite Finds via the Atwoods. This looks very good, and I think that I will try this for Thanksgiving this year. I am a little tired of the Ramen coleslaw that we usually have. The salad seems so perfectly seasonal with the pears and the cranberries. I am not a fan of feta, but I bet any other cheese would work or it could just be omitted. Thanks for sharing.

  • ChrissieNer

    Wow – this salad was a HUGE hit at Thanksgiving dinner! I doubled the recipe and brought it to my SIL’s house. She had 15+ different types of delicious food, yet people raved about this salad. Thanks for the fantastic recipe!

  • Tami

    I found this on Pinterest, shared it for Thanksgiving dinner and just snacked on leftovers…yum!

  • Jeanna

    I made this salad for our office Christmas party. It was a hit!!!. I didn’t toss it, but layered each ingredient. The green salad, white feta and red cranberries make it look like a holiday salad.

  • I made this and posted it.
    It was delicious!
    Thank you very much.


  • purdue88.kmc

    just made this last night — it was big hit. thanks for sharing. i’ll be coming back for more great salad recipes.

    • purdue88.kmc

      meant to add — used goat cheese instead of feta

  • Donna

    I can’t wait to try this! Sounds delicious!

  • Robyncalv

    Yum making this tomorrow for Christmas, I agree it could look festive with the green, red and white. Thanks for sharing it.

  • AgnΔ— VanagaitΔ—

    Gonna try this year !!! Looks delicious πŸ™‚ Thank you for great idea!

  • TerriblyTeri

    How many servings does this make?

    • irishmom58

      I used 3 bunches of romaine, 1/2 pkg bacon, 1 container feta, two small bags of craisins and filled a platter. As side dish about 10-15 servings

  • I made this tonight. It was delicious! For what it’s worth, I also added pomegranate seeds. It sure is a beautiful salad.

  • Ashley

    I made this for dinner tonight, served with rotisserie chicken. My husband and I both LOVED it! We are happy to have a huge bowl of leftover salad to eat for lunch tomorrow. It was a little too sweet for me (with both the poppyseed dressing and the cranberries) so next time I will probably use less poppyseed and more balsamic vinaigrette. Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Jeanniefreeman

    I made this wonderful salad and it served 7 with very little leftover. Go light on the dressing, as it really doesn’t need much.

  • I make this all the time only I'd never thought of adding pears or the balsamic vinegrette, amazing additions!

  • Katey2003

    this was delicious! even my non-salad-loving fiance enjoyed this (well there was bacon, so how could he not?) delicious!

  • Romysalon

    made this salad,Scrumptious!

  • Mindee Ourfrontdoor

    I made this last night and absolutely loved it! So much that I linked to you from my blog today. Thanks for the great addition to our menu.

    • MadisonMayberry

      Thank you for the link! And I’m so happy you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

  • Ashli

    I have made this salad twice now… once for a NYE party crowd and once for ladies wine night at my home…. people RAVE over it. Always a hit — thanks!!!

  • Mother Rimmy

    I just found this salad on Pinterest. Delish!

  • Cincc6

    Made this salad tonight for dinner, it was amazing and my family couldn’t stop raving about it!!! It will definitely be back on our dinner table real soon…..thanks for sharing it!!!

  • Lesa34

    Yummmmmmmy…made this tonight using some of the spiced candied pecans we made for the holidays. It was delish. And a nice change from the tomato, lettuce salads we’ve been having, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Made this tonight! It was delicious!!

  • Anonymous

    Love the dressing mixture! Thanks, it was delicious!!

  • I’m new to your blog… A friend of mine made this salad recently. When I asked her for the recipe, she had gotten it via Pinterest. Soooo, after I made it, I’m sharing it today on my blog with a link to your post. Great Recipe!! Love your site and look forward to being a regular reader!

  • Krista

    Just made this for dinner. AWE.SOME. I have never looked forward to leftovers so much!

  • Luvdogs68

    I cannot wait to make this however, not a big fan of pears so may try with apples? Has anyone else?

  • Chaffee5

    Very good as a side salad!!!

  • SJ

    Looks so delicious!!!!!

  • SJ

    Looks so delicious!!!!!

  • I’m making this salad for my lunch next week. I can’t wait because it looks delish!

  • Jaloleavi

    Most defintely will be on my list of salads to make

  • Char

    OMG! OMG!!! This recipe had been pinned on pinterest by one of my friends and then I repinned to try at a later date – which was this evening – OMG this was the most delicious recipe, my entire family went nuts for it – thank you for this! I used the Panera fat free poppy seed (only 15 cals) and it was very good, especially for so few cals. Again – thanks truly yummy!

  • Dannielle

    This salad is so good. I have made it a few times and it has been a hit! I had to substitute candied pecans once because the store was out of regular pecans and it was great! Thank you so much!

  • mlou

    Has anyone figured out the calorie count on this dish. It sounds yummy but i was just wondering how many calories…

  • Lh7slick

    Love this salad. The second time I made it I substituted blue cheese instead of feta. I think I like the blue cheese better.

  • Jean C.

    I made this the other night for dinner & it was wonderful, I didn’t mix it but layered it & it was so pretty on a long white platter for the presentation.

    • MadisonMayberry

      So glad you liked it, Jean! This is one of my favorite salads. And I can’t wait to introduce the ‘summer version’ in the next couple months.

  • Diana James

    Looks great. I will try it but without the processed dressings. Agree with Natalie that a homemade dressing is the go! Something like flaxseed oil and apple cider vinegar. Yum!

  • Ltking58

    It’s not cranberry season any more so I am making it with dried tart cherries…can’t wait!

  • Steve

    I have eaten this salad about 10 times!!! I didn’t use the bacon and depending on how many people you are serving, one pear would do. We have put chicken it and had this for the main course. The salad dressing is wonderful and really adds flavor to this salad.

  • Yummy!! Sounds so good I will try it this weekend

  • Rhonda

    This looks delicious and perfect for right now as we are moving into autumn in New Zealand!

  • Smileybearnu

    LOVED IT πŸ™‚

  • Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic
  • Katiepittenger

    Do you think this is a salad I could make on a Sunday night to take for lunches throughout the week? If so how would you do it? Would it be best to just keep all the ingredients separate and then add them together each day for lunch?

    • MadisonMayberry

      I would suggest mixing the ingredients but leaving off the dressing. Then, just add the dressing to the portion you want to eat. For the best results, you could separate all the ingredients and add them the day you plan to eat the salad, but I think you could also get away with mixing the ‘dry’ ingredients and dressing the salad later.

  • I pinned this recipe a while ago and finally got around to making it today. Delicious!! I love the balsamic vinaigrette and poppy seed dressing combination. Great recipe!

  • lbcm56

    I saw this recently on Pinterest and made it today. It’s one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten! I had to make my own dressing, but was able to find all the ingredients (I live outside the USA). Guess I’ll have to browse your recipes to find some other goodies!

  • Mgeorge86

    Made this salad to go with our Easter lunch – definitely a winner! I wasn’t sure about the dressing combo either, but it had such great reviews and it’s such a pretty salad that I had to try it. I think it’s one of the best salad and dressings I’ve ever had! Thanks for sharing such a winner!

  • Carriecatherine2

    That looks sooooo very yummy!!!! Thank You!!!

  • CN

    I just finished prepping all the ingredients for a “salad night” I have weekly with a group of friends. Just made a sample to see how it is……..AMAZING!!!!!! I had to use a honey mustard since I live out of the country and couldn’t find poppy seed, but it still tastes incredible to me.

  • Anonymous

    MMM made some for an Easter dinner and had to have a sample bowl for myself before. πŸ™‚

  • cn

    Just had 7 people over to enjoy this salad. I tripled the recipe, and every bite is GONE!!!!! What a hit!

    • MadisonMayberry

      CN – Happy to hear it was a hit. I absolutely love that salad and it never ceases to amaze people.

    • LM

      One recipe only served 7 people??

      • Madison Mayberry

        LM – It’s always just an estimate on serving size since I’m not sure how many adults/children/etc. you may have eating said recipe. I always end up doubling this recipe since everyone goes crazy over it! Hope you enjoyed it.

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  • JessieP

    I made this for my husbands 40th bday party and it was soooo good! Everyone wanted a copy of the recipe. I’m going to mix up all the ingredients for the week and add dressing when I want to eat some. Very, very good!

  • Njlinn7

    What would you think is the caloric intake per serving?

    • Madison Mayberry

      I’ve calculated it before (roughly with Spark Recipes) and found that when dressed lightly it has around 320-350 calories per serving when served as an entree. This salad can feed somewhere between 6 and 8 people as an entree, and about 8 to 10 as a side. Hope that helps!

  • Heather

    This sounds delicious and I want to make it for a BBQ this weekend. Where can I find the Marzetti dressing – I live in Toronto?

    • Shakeragmary

      I thought Toronto had everything!

  • Tinaleajohnson

    I used half of the dressing, used turkey maple bacon add a small 12 oz bag of Broccoli Cole slaw, and it came out great! That way it up the vegetables and made more for a large party! I will be making this for my friends!!!

  • Ryjayco

    Just had this tonight for supper….Delicious!!!!!

  • Terri-Lynne

    I made this salad tonight, except pears are not in season here, so I used gala apples. It tasted fabulous – definately a keeper. Thank you for the recipe!

  • Nicole Bergman

    Made this tonight and it was delicious!!! Thank you for sharing! Made without the bacon because I am a vegetarian and my meat eating husband also loved it!!!

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  • I made this salad tonight and we loved it. What I loved was the juicy pears, sweet tart cranberries, salty bacon and the tang of the feta. I’m just saying….yum. Also loved the dressing combo as the poppy seed dressing is too sweet on it’s own so the balsamic vinaigrette helps cut the sweetness. Thanks!

  • This is a great salad! I lightened it up by reducing the amount of pecans and bacon and I substituted fat-free feta. I measured it out and calculated the Weight Watcher’s Points Plus and came up with 1.2 points per ounce without the chicken. It didn’t even need dressing.

  • Lauren

    Made this today for the first time after having it for awhile and absolutely loved it. It makes so much, that I think I’ll have to cut the recipe in half next time that I make it for just myself.

  • Cecelia Bonjour

    Love this salad. Have made it 2 times this month and shared 1/2 with friends since I live alone. Actually use Trader Joes Pear Champanne Vinegarette…Yummy!!

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  • This is a really good salad. Good for when you want a salad, but something a little different!!! I mixed 3/4 cup of Poppyseed dressing with 1/4 of Balsamic and had it on the side!! Delicious!!

  • Cheryl

    Wonderful!, this is a keeper! I changed the cranberries to cherries, as cherries are my fav. Thanks

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  • Hortonhearsawhat

    Made this salad tonight, I halved the recipe for a family of four as a side dish. LOOOOOOVED it- the flavors all blended so well together- I think it would be a great side dish at Thanksgiving!

  • Dee

    Just curious, if you have a large test kitchen, why would you not make your own dressing?

    • MadisonMayberry

      Dee – I’m sure you could very well make your own dressing if you would like. But since I grew up eating this salad and my mom always made it with T Marzetti poppy seed dressing, I have a fondness for using purchased dressing, too. And since most of the time I’m making it at home, not in the work test kitchen, it’s a lot quicker and easier to stick with the purchased dressing. πŸ™‚

      • Dee

        I love those kind of recipes, recipes that bring you back to childhood. Your blog is amazing. Thanks for all you do. I will try this recipe!!

  • CandiR

    This salad is AWESOME! I do leave out the pears and I make the dressing in a dressing bottle, it makes ALOT of dressing so there’s always leftover. Will be making this again very soon.

  • Angela

    This is a delicious combination of flavors…Used the Poppyseed Dressing you suggested…Outstanding!

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  • rtkce.wordpress.com

    Just made this tonight. Seriously SOOOO good!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Madison Mayberry

      Thanks for sharing! I am so happy you loved it!

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  • Tiffany

    Just made this for dinner and the family LOVED it! Thanks you so much for posting this πŸ™‚

  • Sherry

    Loved this salad. Brought it as a ‘dish to pass’ and double recipe was almost all eaten.

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  • Ellen

    I followed this recipe from Pinterest through two other blogs before I found where it originally came from. LOL My sister made this the other day as one of the dishes during lunch and everyone LOVED it! It’s a new favorite of mine defitintely and I’m happy to blog it as well and list the original source on my blog πŸ™‚

    • Madison Mayberry

      Ellen, thanks so much for taking the time to track back to where the salad started. It went a little crazy on Pinterest last fall and has made the internet rounds. πŸ™‚ And thanks for sharing it with others on your site!

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  • Marjorie

    This would be good with apples in place of pears. I don’t like feta, so what cheese would I use to replace feta?

    • Madison Mayberry

      I think blue cheese would be a good substitute since it crumbles easily like feta, but it’s also a strong-flavored cheese like feta. Perhaps something like cubed white cheddar cheese might also be good?

    • Maureen

      I used grated cheddar and it was delicious …

      • Madison Mayberry

        Yay! So happy to hear that Maureen!

      • Alisia

        Blue Cheese might be good as well. I had a salad at Bar Louie with Pears and Blue cheese.

    • Ryane

      I’d do gorgonzola

    • Elleblue Jones

      Goat cheese.

    • mbw

      I have used apples and chunks of mozzarella and it is amazing!

    • irishmom58

      agree apples would have been better with blue cheese

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  • Angie

    I took this to my church small group last night and got rave reviews… So glad I finally made it after stalking it for months on Pinterest! πŸ™‚

    • Madison Mayberry

      Angie, so glad you got to try it! It’s part of the weekly recipe rotation at our house!

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  • luanne

    would definitely be good for a christmas party how many does this recipe serve?

  • Best salad ever!

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  • Janna@Little Magnolia Kitchen

    I will be trying this tonight! Looks so light and fresh!

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  • debi

    I use blue cheese and a raspberry vinegrette dressing and its wonderful w/chicken breast also

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  • Nerd With Taste

    Oh my goodness I have to make this! Iowa girl ftw! ~ nerdwithtaste.wordpress.com

  • Mkmom

    My husband says this was the best salad I ever made!!

  • Melody

    I just made this for a potluck and, oh my gosh, people loved it. Soooo good. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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  • Jami62

    We made this last night. It was FANTASTIC! Only change made was, using Blue Cheese instead of Feta.

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  • Ann R

    Found this on PInterest and it looked so good! Thank you so much for the posting. I made it for dinner tonight and could eat it again and again. Everything was perfect!

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  • Uneelle

    Made this last night for a family gathering. HUGE HIT! Only change I made was to change from 2 pears to 1 pear and 1 apple. Thank you SO MUCH for this recipe. It’s a real keeper!

  • Ann

    This was the surprise hit of my Thanksgiving feast yesterday!

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  • A BitterSweet Wife

    Just made this recipe. Replaced the apples with pears and the feta cheese with goat cheese. It was delicious! Thanks for sharing.

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  • Cindy

    This is the best salad I have ever made! It gets rave reviews every time I have made it!!

  • Jo

    That looks amazing!! Yum. Can’t wait to try it.

  • My friend brought this for Christmas dinner. It was fantastic!

  • jen b.

    Made a version of your salad today for lunch. So glad I found you a while back! Linked to you on my own blog today as well. Thanks for sharing your tasty recipe with all of us!! πŸ™‚ http://growin-a-me.blogspot.com/2013/01/weekend-update.html

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  • js

    Hands down best salad ever! I made it for a girls night and now they are all asking for the recipe. I switched out the cranberries for dried cherries and it was delicious!!

  • I made this tonight for dinner – have been on the south beach diet for 3 weeks and this was so refreshing! The bacon added a nice smoky flavor and the pears a great crunch! Thanks so much for a delicious recipe – I will be making this again and again!!

    • Madison Mayberry

      Julie, that is so great to hear! Thanks for taking the time to stop by E&C and share! πŸ™‚

  • Hilary

    I made this with kale instead of romaine, and then discovered I had walnuts instead of pecans – but it was still delicious! Very visually appealing too!

    • Madison Mayberry

      Oh I love the idea of making it with kale, Hilary!

  • Just wanted to let you know that I made this salad this week for a dining group I belong to. It has got to be one of the best salads I ever made! Everyone loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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  • This is DELISH!!!! I added chopped cooked chicken from last night’s dinner. So good. Thanks!

  • Anni Naylor

    I made this last night for the very first time It was delicious! I used danish fetta an omit the bacon. Instead of cranberries I used Goji berries. Instead of pecans I used walnuts. It had enough flavour without dressing! Yum! Thank you for sharing

  • Martha

    Made this for dinner and my salad hating husband said “this is really good”. Amazing!
    The dressing is wonderful. Never thought of mixing those two together

    • Madison Mayberry

      Martha, that makes me SO happy. I tell everyone that this salad can make even the biggest veggie/salad hater into a veggie/salad lover. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sharon

    I love this salad and I created a variation of it on my blog today. I provided a link to this one as well. http://www.aroundthetable.flemings.in/2013/03/yummy-chopped-lettuce-cran-apple-salad.html

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  • Debbie

    I have become addicted to this salad! And the dressing? I use it on ALL my salads now!! So yummy!!! πŸ™‚

  • Margo

    Seeing as I never use bottled dressings/vinaigrettes but rather make my own, could anyone tell me what the ingredients would be or if you made your own could you tell me what you did. Sounds delish!

    • Sunnyhorse

      I used bottled poppyseed dressing but mixed it with a vinaigrette composed of blood orange–infused olive oil and raspberry balsamic vinegar.

  • sheryl

    what a beautiful looking salad. I just came across it and I will be trying this recipe. It sounds delicious.

  • I would like to know how to get the lettuce chopped into such small pieces.

    • Madison Mayberry

      Working with hearts of Romaine rather than already chopped lettuce allows you to cut the lettuce into smaller pieces.

    • ItsNotThatHard

      A knife.

      • Courtesy

        Wow thats hella rude!

    • Joanne

      It is popular now to get a chopped salad as an entree. One day I watched them prepare the meal and noticed they had a metal tool – salad chopper, it looks like a blade but curved with a small handle. I found one on amazon for only 9.99 and it works like a charm. Hope this helps.
      Chef’n SaladShears Lettuce Chopper- Amazon.com

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  • happygator

    Can’t wait to try this. It sounds yummy!

  • Melissa Berger

    Just made this! it was delicious! πŸ™‚

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  • TiffanyTill

    Omg! This dressing was incredible! I would have never dreamed of mixing the two, but it is FANTASTIC!!!!
    I used apples instead of pears b/c that’s what I had, and I used oat cheese b/c it’s my favorite. Love this salad and will have it often! Thanks for sharing!!

    • furpurr

      oat cheese, or goat cheese?? because i’ve never heard of oat cheese…but if it is an actual cheese, i’d like to try it! major cheese lover here! 😎

  • Suzeq

    OMG – this was sooooo good!! I am not much of a salad eater, but I devoured this! Great combination. We made our own balsamic and added chicken; it was a bit browner than your photos but very tasty!!

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  • Joyce

    My friend served me this salad for lunch today, and I can’t wait to make it. Who would ever think of mixing Poppy Seed dressing with Balsamic Vinaigrette!!! You did, and I love it. Thank you.

  • Lisa Ann

    This is very close to a salad I loved at a restaurant. Thanks for sharing!

  • Juanita Nita Hutchison Mustain

    Where in the recipe does it say chicken?? Am I going crazy?

    • Haley Tonks

      It doesn’t. I thought the pic had chicken at first but it seems to be the cheese if that’s where you got chicken.

      • Juanita Nita Hutchison Mustain

        LOL Well, I added cubed chicken to it and it was wonderful. Made it for a potluck and it was gone in seconds. Made a half recipe for my husband and I for dinner and we ate it all. Definitely a keeper!

    • I too thought this had chicken via the picture—damn the cheese! hahah

    • irishmom58

      It doesn’t but come to think of it grilled chicken breast would be good, then it could be an entree salad….

  • Found your Autumn Chopped Salad on Pinterest and finally made it tonight. Big hit! (BTW, I only used 1/2 cup of dressing total, and it was more than enough.) I love having a delicious new salad to add to my repertoire. Thanks so much for sharing this yummy recipe!

    • MadisonMayberry

      So happy that it worked well for you, Kim! And thanks for the tip about the dressing. πŸ™‚

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  • jblood

    This is a keeper!! Made it today, to take to a girls lunch party. Thanks!!

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  • Chio

    amazing salad! I loved it! my family did too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Pingback: Autumn Chopped Salad with Balsamic Poppy Seed Vinaigrette | A Hint of HoneyA Hint of Honey()

  • Peg

    This salad looks good but store bought dressing is gross. I could never have guests over and serve them bottled dressing. I guess you could call me more a a “chef”. Do you have a recipe for poppy seed dressing? If not, I may experiment and then I could share what I come up with.

    • Madison Mayberry

      Peg, I think you would be surprised at how great some (select) bottled dressings can be. Even food professionals like myself can see the value of a quality bottled dressing. πŸ˜‰ But if you do make a recipe for homemade poppy seed, I’m sure plenty would like to give it a try!

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  • Linda

    This salad is delicious….my children request it. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  • Pingback: This Week on Pinterest! | My Big Brave Life()

  • Christina Betts

    Made this tonight and hubby LOVES!!!!!! I didn’t have bottled dressing so I googled poopy seed dressing and this one. http://www.chow.com/recipes/30354-kale-apple-coleslaw-with-poppy-seed-dressing No feta in the house so used white cheddar. Thank you for sharing!!


    …fantastic recipe! I make it often.

  • Sunnyhorse

    This salad is just fantastic. We made it for our family’s Christmas dinner, and it was a hit. I just made it again tonight with a Granny Smith apple in place of the pear. Delicious!

  • Beth Rappaport

    What kind of pears did you use!?

    • bandgeek77

      I don’t know about her, but I use the red Anjou pears. They aren’t as gritty as the yellow and green. They provide a great bite with this salad. I have a neighbor who detests the texture of normal pears and she loves the red pears in this. Enjoy!

  • Guest

    Will this autum salad with chicken tart

  • Guest

    Will this autum salaad will go with chicken tart with leek

  • Polly

    Wow! Four years after you posted this and it’s still finding it’s way into our kitchens. This salad is absolutely dynamite. I served it yesterday to celebrate an autumn birthday to rave reviews. This will be in my rotation from here on out. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  • irishmom58

    kind of didn’t turn out. Made it for Thanksgiving today. I combined on a platter and drizzled dressings over. I think it would have been better to combine all and then place on platter . I would use blue cheese in place of feta.

  • Sam

    Made this for Thanksgiving with large Fuji apples instead of pears and a lot more lettuce (cut up six hearts), turned out great. All together, I’d say it served 12-14 people.

  • bandgeek77

    I got this recipe from Pinterest a couple years ago and I still use it frequently throughout the year. I use red Anjou pears, which are excellent with it. They do not have the same grittiness that most pears do. Such a great, easy salad to pull together. It helps that it’s also DELICIOUS! Thanks!

  • Jackie

    Hello, can someone suggest how many people this recipe serves? Thank you!

  • anticatrattoria

    This is really yummy autumn chopped salad recipe !

    Catering la mesa

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  • amandah

    I want to make this for a work potluck. How soon in advance can I put the dressing on?

  • Mary

    Instead of Poppy seed dressing can I use Vidalia Onion Vinegarette and Balsamic?

    • Madison Mayberry

      I think that would work! The basic premise is to use a sweeter dressing with something a little more savory like balsamic! πŸ™‚

  • Patricia Koglin

    Has anyone tried another brand of poppy seed dressing? I’m not having any luck finding Marzetti’s Poppy Seed.

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  • missysaunders

    This is the BEST salad recipe! I use apples instead of pears and almonds instead of walnuts (since my youngest is allergic) and it’s PERFECT every time. Thanks for a great recipe!