Photos From My iPhone

August 23, 2011
{Snapshots from the home office we now rent out (left), on location at a photo shoot (top right), and my necessary items for workplace productivity (bottom right).}
{My pre-wedding breakfast (top left), on my way to family dinner two nights before the wedding (right), and my dad helping out my personal attendant, Cassie, stuff something into her trunk (bottom left).}
{My mom doing last minute set-up before our wedding (above left), little sister Taylor with our crazy little dog (above middle), my cute hubby driving to church last week (above right), wishing I could always have good hair days like this (bottom left), and our crazy, begging dog before dinner (bottom right).}
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  • I thnk about 99% of my iphone photos are of our dog and cat wanting something too;)

  • MadisonMayberry

    It’s hard not to take photos of them (or give them little bites) when they look that cute!