Love Coffee? I love you. (Giveaway!)

September 30, 2011

If you love coffee like I do, then I boy do I have good news for you.

This week at work we had the pleasure of getting a product preview from the amazing team over at Hamilton Beach. In addition to showcasing their wide range of affordable kitchen appliances, they also sent us home with a little swag. And somehow, I managed to take home not one but two different coffee makers.

Now what’s a girl who just got a new coffee pot for her wedding supposed to do with these coffee makers? Give them away, of course!

So here’s the deal: to one lucky reader I will be giving away a Hamilton Beach ‘The Scoop’ Single-Serve Coffee Maker. Unlike typical single-serve coffee makers, this machine lets you use your own coffee grounds to brew your single serve cup instead of requiring you to purchase a bunch of expensive pods, which is pretty amazing in my book. (and no, they didn’t pay me to say any of this)

To enter: leave a comment below telling me why you need more coffee in your life! Comments will be open from now until Sunday, October 2, at 8 pm. I will announce the winner Monday morning!

Happy Friday!


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  • Alexandra R Hand

    it’s the quickest way to cheer up my husband… a good cup of coffee with hazelnut or french vanilla creamer.

  • why do I need more coffee? I’m planning a wedding for mid-December, getting my Master’s degree, working with low-income teens doing art apprenticeships, and spending as much time as possible with my crazy schedule med student fiance! up for long days, and lots on my mind šŸ™‚

  • MelB

    I’m editing thousands of questions for a Jeopardy-style competition and my eyes are glazing over!

  • Carissa

    I am in college, and while I loved loved loved coffee before it has now become a necessity for survival!!
    Oh and side note, my dad grew up in Grinnell. It was funny reading your blog after your wedding cause you honeymooned in San Diego (Where I go to school) and you now live in Grinnell!

  • Alison

    I’m starting a new job next week…and am already plotting how to avoid blowing my paycheck on Starbucks every day (multiple times a day?). This in my office would be a perfect solution!

  • Mindy

    I need more coffee in my life to help me push through those late nights of studying.

  • Rachel Barnes

    I’m starting a new project at work and there will be many long work days! Bring on the coffee!!

  • I need more coffee in my life because my pot just broke šŸ™ I’ve been alternating between instant and Starbucks/Peet’s for the past few weeks. I miss having a coffee maker on my counter and waking up to a fresh cup every morning.

  • I will need more coffee in my life in January when I have a baby and won't be sleeping much!

  • It seems my life is getting busier by the minute! And as a result, my wake-up time is inching earlier and earlier. My morning cup (or two) is a must! Not to mention, these cool fall weekends are made for sweater wearin’ and coffee sippin’. I’d *love* to win!

  • I have a 3 year old. Enough said šŸ™‚

  • I need more coffee because I officially have a coffee-addicted husband!! But who am I kidding…I love coffee, too! šŸ™‚

  • Kim

    that is awesome! I need more coffee in my life because the fall semester has begun. :/

  • Marilyn

    I need more coffee because it was ‘National Coffee Day’ yesterday and I need to celebrate the day!

  • Esther Sam

    I need more coffee because with Fall now here, it is dark when I leave for work in the mornings and almost dark when I come home šŸ™

  • Rebecca

    I need more coffee because I work long hours and work out after those long hours! Plus, it is dark here when I leave the house and dark when I come home!

    Plus sleep has been lacking due to Rosh Hashanah prep work!

  • JessMM

    Because this little thing likes to wake me up wayyyyyy to early in the morning

  • Andrea

    I need more coffee because it’s my “happy place” in the dark, cold mornings!

  • Tanja Hester

    Because I went 5 long years without coffee, drinking only tea instead. And now I’ve seen the light and am happily back on the coffee bandwagon. šŸ™‚

  • Neena

    Two kids under the age of 4! There is never enough coffee to keep me awake on some days! šŸ™‚ Great giveaway, love your blog.

  • Kaylee Hanson

    I always, ALWAYS need more coffee in my life, because it’s the best EVEH!!!!!!! Great giveaway!!!

  • Helene Mahnken

    I’m not a coffee drinker, per se, but my husband would love this! We are living with my parents and trying to find jobs and, well, I think that’s enough reason to need a little coffee šŸ™‚

  • I need more coffee to get me awake every morning, especially the work mornings šŸ™‚

  • you could say i am coffee obsessed. my old office would make fun of me for how often i was seen with a coffee cup in my hand (even in my wedding pictures!) this would be amazing for my husband since he is sadly, coffee deprived at his office — they don’t even have a coffee maker!!

  • Amanda O.

    To help me stay awake on my 40 min commute each morning!

  • em

    awesome giveaway! my husband and i have been trying to do the caffeinated and uncaffeinated morning dance as i nurse our little baby…most morning i just buy!

  • Jodi

    I just WISHED I liked coffee…I am N.O.T a morning person. I’ve always dreamed of being one, but I don’t know if it’s in my genes! šŸ™‚ But my husband would love this!

  • oh man, I’m in grad school right now- isn’t that reason enough? Coffee and I are verrrry familiar with each other lately! I’ve been using a Keurig but am disappointed with the lack of variety, so being able to choose my own coffee would be so wonderful!

  • Lindsay Luthe

    I need more coffee in my life b/c it tastes so delicious and its even better in the fall/winter šŸ™‚

  • K Evelsizer

    I need more coffee in my life because I just started a new job…and it’s the graveyard shift (7p-7a). I’m a nurse on a Pediatric Oncology floor. I need to stay sharp to help these little ones battle their cancers and get back to being a kid! Those kids deserve only the best, and doesn’t coffee bring out the best in us all?
    kate evelsizer

  • Rachel

    I need coffee mainly because I love it! (And it helps keep me on top of all the stuff I gotta do on a daily basis).

    And I specifically need a single brewer because what’s a single girl going to with a whole pot of coffee in the morning?

    Love this giveaway!

  • I need coffee because I have a couple cats who day in and day out want snuggles at an early hour of the day. and because they are sooo sweet, who am I to say no?

    I also need coffee because it is DELICIOUS!

  • Coffee is an essential part of my life experience!!!!!!!! I love the smell, the taste and the warmth of it. Yum! Thank you for this awesome giveaway šŸ™‚

  • I need coffee because I am a busy college student and my budget does not support daily Starbucks! Plus, it is so absolutely delicious!

  • I need coffee in my life because I just started graduate school, and coffee is the thing that is literally keeping me going. This is exactly what I have been dreaming of! I love the single serve coffee machines, but hate the waste, and enjoy going to the local roaster to pick out my latest 1/2lb

  • Theresa R.

    I am a college student! I live off of coffee!

  • Maggie M

    I can’t make a good cup of coffee to save my life! Hence, I end up buying way too much Starbucks. An expensive habit for a student, though so necessary! I would be overjoyed if I could brew coffee on my own šŸ™‚

  • Ali L.

    I need coffee in my life because I am a senior college student at the University of Kansas and I rely on my daily cup(s) to get me through an average day. Most importantly I need coffee because its a simple way to make me smile at the beginning of each day! šŸ™‚

    Love your blog, read it every day!

  • Tlvb12

    Make me a winner!!!! I need coffee to keep warm in the winter!!! šŸ™‚

  • Katie Lloyd

    I have been looking to buy a single serve coffee pot for sometime now. With school, work, and the up coming holidays, this is the perfect time to get one. This would be so AWESOME!!! Hope I win and thanks!

  • Carol

    I don’t need more but my coffee-fanatic step-daughter who is moving out on her own next month definitely does! I would love to win this for her!

  • Jessica

    I just discovered pumpkin coffee and need to make more of this delicious blend!

  • 2mykidz

    New England winters are ch-ch-chilly! I always start the day with a cup (or two) of nice HOT coffee.

  • Mary M.

    I need more coffee in my life because ISU is killing me this week with several tests in a row!

  • Rachel Clemens

    2 yr old and (almost) newborn. is there enough coffee for this stage of life?

  • Rachel Clemens

    2 yr old and (almost) newborn. is there enough coffee for this stage of life?

  • Pammyroo

    Teaching requires getting up at 5:30 AND being energetic, upbeat, and friendly to everyone at 7am

  • Englishtch

    Coffee and the newspaper is my morning treat. I get up every morning at 5, so I can have those pleasant moments before I go face teaching 8th graders.

  • Jean

    To everyone saying babies…I’ll take your infant and raise you a miniature dachshund. Caffeine, please!

  • Jessica Honcoop

    Who doesn’t need more coffee in their life?!

  • Jenny Hill

    I am in the “who doesn’t need more coffee in their life?” camp – but for those of you saying babies, I raise you and say a 3 year old and a 4 1/2 year old (no more naps) and a miniature dauschund!

  • Heather Grace

    Coffee makes every day feel special. That’s why I need and want more of it!

  • Elizabeth

    This would be perfect for that afternoon cup of coffee that I have been indulging in!

  • Sarah Gude

    Ahhh! That sounds amazing! A fresh cup of coffee + environmentally friendly with no pods!

    I’m in medical school & coffee is what gets me out of bed in those early mornings so I’m awake and happy when I see patients!!

    Plus, I’m an Iowa girl now living in Arizona and would love to get a package from Iowa šŸ™‚

  • Melissa

    I need more coffee in my life because the espresso maker my husband and I received as a wedding gift just died. If I can’t have espresso I’ve gotta have coffee!!

  • Michelle

    I would love to have a single serve coffee maker for the cold winter months that are coming way too soon!

  • Diana

    I would love a single serve coffee maker! It’s hard to make a good cup of coffee for just one person, so I end up spending way too much money at Starbucks!

  • Ashley Morrisanthony

    OOOOOO!!!! I need more coffee in my life to help me get through some long (but very enjoyable) days of working with people who have a mental illness and are homeless! Plus, social workers don’t really make an income to support a 2 or more cups of good quality non-Starbucks coffee daily coffee habit… hehe It’s always a nice start to a day! =)

  • Jac

    Amazing! I need coffee because I am not very nice without it. šŸ™‚

  • Kim C

    I need more coffee in my life to get through my crazy days and avoid trips to Starbucks!!! Thanks for thinking of your readers! šŸ™‚

  • Ashley W.

    I actually don’t drink coffee (I’m a tea girl), but my husband would be much less of a zombie and more of a loving partner in the mornings if we had this!

  • Krisla

    I’m in college! Enough said:)

  • I love coffee and I can drink it all day and still sleep just fine:-) We actually have a Hamilton Beech coffee maker and it doesn’t have a caraffe – it holds the coffee inside the coffee maker and the you put your mug up to it and it pours out. We have had it for probably about 6 years and it is probably the best coffee maker I have ever had. We love it. I like that this single serving coffee maker lets you use your own grounds vs. the individual little pods.

  • Kathryn Mavis

    Full time counselor, full time mom, full time incubator…decaf pretty please. šŸ™‚

  • Dorothy

    I am going back to school to finish the classes that I need to apply for medical school, caffeine is definitely my new best friend

  • Katie

    I have come to accept my coffee addiction. You would not want to cross me before I’ve had my morning cup(s) of joe!

  • Missy

    What a fun giveaway! Have a great birthday weekend too! Why I need more coffee – a mom to four energetic children- need I say more! šŸ™‚

  • Chelsy Ethridge

    I work a high-energy job at lululemon athletica, one cup of coffee a day is definitely not enough. I was formerly employed as a barista for 2.5 years and it is very surprising that I don’t even own a coffee maker! haha!

  • Ber

    A new Mom like myself could always use more coffee in my life!

  • Kristin

    My husband just shipped our coffee pot off to the base he’ll be at in Afghanistan. We decided he needs it there more than I need it here. So, now I need a new coffee pot!

  • Melissa

    I’m in college and I don’t have my own coffee maker yet! This is my last semester and I am way too ready to be done. I have to admit, sometimes I have instant, but the real stuff is so much better.

  • Lindsay

    I have been wanting one of these for a while now! Everytime I go to the store I stop and singlestare yearning for one of these beauties sitting in my kitchen! I am the only coffee drinker in my house, so a single cup server would be amazing. Love!

  • Laura M Staugaitis

    …because I am just starting my career in the culinary world!

  • chocmilk_carly

    Because coffe tastes good in everything! oatmeal, cookies, lattes, muffins with chocolate, pumpkin, ohh especially white chocolate!

  • The real question, would be why not?!

  • Mindy Northrop

    Shut up!!! Not only am I a black coffee whore, my eldest is now in kindergarten, so I’m sucking down a cup while getting everyone ready and by the time I get home from taking him to school, the coffee the hubs made at 6am is NASTY!!!
    Just today I was thinking, I just want ONE cup of hot, fresh coffee!!!!

  • Sue

    I would love a single serve coffee maker… I love flavored coffee, but my husband doesn’t!

  • Rebecca Gabriel

    Who doesn’t need more coffee in their lives?

  • jamie@jamelafamela

    nothing better than sippin a hot mug of strong, black coffee on a long weekend morning!

  • Shari

    Oh yum!! I can use freshly ground coffee to make only a cup for moi???? YAY!!!!!!!! Nothing beats freshly ground coffee beans!!! I hope I win this!!


  • Oh my goodness! Why do I need coffee in my life?
    Because a cup of Joe is the best thing a morning has to offer.
    Think about it. What makes mornings exciting? Nothing.
    …Wrong answer… coffee makes mornings exciting. šŸ™‚

  • Christina D.

    I just moved and I don’t have a coffee machine yet. I need more coffee to help me get going in the AM!

  • abby

    I just started my first “grown-up” job this week at a new hospital and need lots of coffee to keep my going!

  • amy marantino

    now that autumn is here i need more coffee to keep warm.

  • Sarah Dillard

    A quiet cup of coffee by myself early in the morning when it is not quite light out is one of the best things in life and this coffee maker looks like it would make everything even better– I like it strong, my husband likes it weak. And I get up a good hour before him. We NEED a single cup brewer but I’ve always shied away from them because those little pods seem expensive and incredibly wasteful. Ive been waiting for someone to do something like this!

  • emily n.

    I LOVE coffee and do not own my own coffee pot…i guess it’s the college student in me. I am about to head to starbucks as we speak because one cannot study without the jolt of caffeine.

  • Andrew and Emily Lundgren

    Although my caffeine intake is limited right now, I’ll have a very good reason to need more coffee once the baby’s here! Sleepless nights, here I come šŸ™‚

  • Sue

    I just graduated college in May and had been limping along on my mini Mr. Coffee coffeemaker for the past 4 years. I need a new coffeemaker to maintain my current level of coffee consumption!

  • BP

    Thank you thank you thank you! šŸ˜€ Also, why? College!

  • Mb

    for cooking with!

  • Katy R.

    Oh my gosh I would love to win this. I actually work right next to a coffee shop so I crave it all day long. Being able to make single serving whenever I want would be a dream come true for me, and my wallet!!

  • Jordan

    This is an AMAZING coffee maker!! K cup makers get so expensive for sure. What a perfect giveaway! I am in my senior year of college and the workload is absolutely nuts, I’m going through a million cups of coffee a week, this would be sooo helpful!

  • Foo

    I just started drinking more coffee and less trips to Starbucks would help my wallet and I could drink even more. šŸ™‚

  • Laura C.

    My hubby would love something like this. He has yet to figure out how to brew a good pot of coffee just for himself (i am not a coffee drinker).

  • meighan

    I am the only coffee drinker in my household. i haven’t purchased a K cup because I hate the packaging waste! I would LOVE to have one that just uses grounds!

  • Because I just got a promotion and will need the extra boost!

  • Amanda Burpee

    Some mornings my husband goes into work super early, so he gets up at 3am. If we had this coffee pot, I wouldn’t have to warm up my cup in the microwave! šŸ™‚

  • Carrie Mok

    I am recently married and sadly don’t have a coffee maker yet despite my love of a good cup of coffee. If I had my hands on this coffeemaker I would be able to enjoy a cup of wonderful coffee right in my own home FINALLY… instead of having to buy a cup elsewhere or go without.

  • Jennifer

    We have a new schedule and I have to get my daughter to the bus by 6:50 AM. I need coffee!!

  • Kirsten Anneke

    We just moved recently and the apartment we found doesn’t have a microwave (which I absolutely love!!), that said: I’m sick of warming up the leftover french pressed coffee on the stove in a pot… (this is a wonderful giveaway, by the way!)

  • Brindi

    My schedule is so busy lately with work, work projects, grad school, my practicum and practicum projects and conferences….plus I need to spend time with my wonderful hubby of course! I need a lot of coffee in my life!

  • Coffee has become my best friend….I work until 1130 at night and then I get back up at 630 in the morning to get my son off to school. Short nights require coffee first thing in the morning!

  • Susan

    Two (hyper)active boys, one mini-Shnauzer, one husband-who-doesn’t-know-how-to-pick-up-after-himself, and two jobs…coffee is my life, my love, my constant companion.

  • Jialin

    I need coffee in order to deal with school! 1 am nights are not pretty without some coffee <3

  • Anna Anderson

    I just love coffee flavored everything! So rich and delicious!! šŸ™‚

  • Jamie Sobolewski

    i need more coffee in my life because the cold weather is approaching and there is nothing like snuggling up with your favorite man on the couch on a cold, snowy sunday morning sipping a cup of hot coffee….preferrably a flavored cup with the seasons great flavors- pumpkin spice, gingerbread, eggnog, etcc!

  • Casey

    I start a teaching job as a high school history teacher on October 24th AND just got engaged. I can’t wait to begin my dream job and prepare for marriage, but the early mornings (5 a.m.) and wedding planning will surely require a daily coffee jolt to my system!! I would love this!!

  • Caitlin

    I need coffee to help me study šŸ™‚ … in PA School!

  • I am a neonatal ICU nurse who works overnights. Rocking sweet babies while trying to stay up all night=COFFEE

  • Greta

    New baby. Wakes up a lot. ‘Nuf said. šŸ™‚ Bring on the coffee!!!!

  • LauraLeavell

    I have to be at work at 7:30 AM. That’s too early. I need coffee to get up and get there.

  • Beth Lubelczyk

    This is awesome! I’ve never seen this before, but would love this!!

  • Courtney

    I am getting my PhD in Mechanical Engineering and would love this coffee maker for my office at school!!

  • I need more coffee because two night owl pups and a 5 am alarm clock do not mix!

  • I would love to have this for my office at grad school – I definitely need my morning cup of coffee to get me through a day of research!

  • Oh man…thus work be great since the coffee at work is just ok…I can make a cup of my flavored coffee just for me!!! Human resources requires coffee lol


    I am back in school full time, working 30 hours a week, and juggling boyfriend, family, and friends. Going broke paying for starbucks and caribou so much lately! šŸ™‚

  • Tiffany

    My husband is starting school up again in the spring, and I might be as well. And I might be starting a new full-time job sometime soon. We could always use more coffee!

  • I’m a nursing student by day, nursing assistant by night…saving the world one cup at a time! Not only do midnight shifts warrant a good sized dose of caffeine, but trying to focus on schoolwork the day after require it.

  • Marissa

    My work thinks its a good idea for me to start at 7am 3 days a week, always following an evening shift…I think I walk into work with my eyes half-closed most days!

    I love that this coffee maker lets you use your own fresh ground beans. Win.

  • Melissa

    I’m in the food world (in TV) and LOVE testing out new products as well. Lately, I’ve trying to cut down on dairy and need to start drinking more coffee than (my normal fav) lattes. This coffee maching sounds like the perfect way to play around with different beans/flavors/strengths. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Jessica

    Mornings and I don’t mix very well yet I start work at 7am 5 days a week. Caffeine has become my new best friend šŸ™‚

  • Bridgetalisem

    great giveaway! I’d love more coffee so I could enjoy higher quality coffee without the dent to my wallet šŸ™‚

  • Karissareck

    Because coffee is what gives me the jump start that I need in the morning! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sc8504

    Great Giveaway! This girl just applied to work the overnight 12hr shift at a hospital 7pm to 7am… Coffee is going to be my lifesavor!

  • Reema

    Because I can barely make coffee when I am awake. I could use all of the help I can get!

  • Beccasloan

    because single cup coffee without all the trash is perfect for me since no one else drinks coffee in my house! wrong on so many levels i know but this would make it so wonderful to make in the mornings šŸ™‚

  • Stacey

    Having to be to work by 5 or 6 am several days a week, definitely requires a few cups of coffee during the day!

  • Emily B.

    Coffee makes me happy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Coffee is the only thing that helps my boyfriend function in the morning to get started teaching and I would love to use our current coffee maker to heat water in the morning for tea… Pretty please! šŸ™‚

  • Angela

    Since I don’t drink coffee I don’t need more in my life, but your mother would like me to have a coffee maker for the next time she comes to visit šŸ™‚