Happy Birthday, Nutmeg!

November 6, 2011

This weekend we celebrated the fifth birthday of our little princess, Nutmeg. She pretty much rules the roost around here and is most definitely our baby, so we had to celebrate in style. She is now sporting a new collar and has a belly full of birthday treats.

This morning before church I whipped up a batch of ‘Pumpkin Pupcakes’ based off this recipe for pumpkin bars. I halved the recipe and scaled back the sugar to 2/3 cup, but aside from that I kept the recipe pretty close to the original. And to top things off I mixed up a batch of peanut butter frosting using a cup of whipped heavy cream, 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter and 1/3 cup powdered sugar.

Joey and I were both pretty blown away at how delicious the pupcakes were (yes, we ate one, too). So if you are in the market for a sweet treat that will please dogs and people alike, I would highly suggest giving this recipe a go.

Happy Birthday, Nutmeg! We love you so much little lady!


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  • Anne Davis

    What a hilarious photo!! Does she always sit like that??? So funny & cute.


    • MadisonMayberry

      It seems so normal to us now that we don’t even notice it now, but yes, she ALWAYS sits like that. So strange because it doesn’t look comfortable at all!

  • Happy birthday Nutmeg!! What a little sweetheart.

    Thanks for your sweet words about the race. I’d love to run with you sometime!!

    • MadisonMayberry

      You’ve got yourself a running partner sometime when we are up in the area! šŸ™‚

  • Marilyn

    I can’t stop laughing. I can almost hear you and Joe singing “Happy Birthday” on the one picture, while Nutmeg watches the candle burn and is thinking, “OK, let’s get this singing stuff over with.”


  • Katie Stieg

    That is such a cute treat! My dog’s birthday was last month, but as he didn’t get anything special, I may just have to make these for him anyway.

    And I love your blog- your recipes sound great and your pictures are beautiful!

    • MadisonMayberry

      I would highly recommend making them! Since they are made of ‘real’ ingredients, we enjoyed them a lot, too!

      And thank you so much for the kind comments! Thanks for stopping by.

  • happy birthday nutmeg! She is so cute! She looks exactly like the cavalier I have Lucy! They are seriously the best dogs ever, but they definitely rule the roost!

    • MadisonMayberry

      They do for sure! I think the fact that she is so sweet and loving makes me more likely to spoil her!

  • happy birthday nutmeg! and ps that first photo of her waiting for her cupcake and having to be held back is the cutest.thing.ever.

  • This is such a cute post! I love it!

  • Lindsay Luthe

    Happy Birthday Nutmeg! Have you told the story of how you got Nutmeg? Since she is an adult dog, I am guessing you rescued/adopted her, but I can’t remember if I read that…

    • MadisonMayberry

      Hey Lindsay! I don’t know if I’ve ever formally told the story of how I got her. She was actually one of my parents three family dogs. She had always been my favorite, so for Christmas last year they gave her to me. She loves being top dog and not having to share with anyone. šŸ™‚

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