Winter Necessity: Infinity Scarves

November 8, 2011

I’m not going to lie, I’m already pretty bummed about the inevitable fact that winter is on the way. Although I love this time of year and celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, come January, I’m ready to be over with snow an colder temps.

To keep me warm as the winter months drag along, I dusted off my crochet needles and made a couple infinity scarves in various weights and colors. A couple years back I made one for a friend of mine and she wore the heck out of it. Now I see why. I’m not entirely sure why I waited so long to make one for myself, but now that I have, I wear the scarves with everything from jeans to sweat pants on the weekends.

I’ve also gotten a few questions anout whether or not I would considering making a few scarves for Christmas gifts or to keep for yourself. While I’m not starting a scarf making business just yet, if you are interested, email me and we can chat.

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  • You made that?! I’m so impressed – it’s gorgeous!

  • Very awesome! I am just starting to dabble in knitting and it’s so much fun.

  • Amanda

    Do you mind sharing the pattern that you used, please? I’ve been looking for a good crochet pattern for an infinity scarf. It looks so cozy and cute!!

  • I am so impressed! I have no knitting skills whatsoever.

  • Elizabeth Downie

    I would also love it if you could share the pattern! I’ve been getting back into crocheting lately and would love a challenge! 🙂 Looks great!!

  • Lenna Cummings

    I would love it if you could share the pattern with us. I, too, would love to make one of these. I love to knit, and most recently, tried my crocheting skills, so I would love to make a couple of these for gifts. I’m not a big fan of the crochet stitches, but I do like how this looks. I think maybe I could handle it if it’s not too complicated. Thanks for your great blog.

  • Ldonzello

    I also would love this pattern if you will share. It’s the perfect time of year to make a few of these. They look great.

  • Amber

    I love the scarf! It is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention YOU look stunning in these photos! Maybe your next venture should be modeling…seriously, you are beautiful.

  • Andrea Cooley

    I’ve been wanting to crochet an infinity scarf too, yours looks great! I could use one at work, it’s freezing at my desk!

    • MadisonMayberry

      I know exactly what you mean, Andrea! It gets pretty cold where I am, too. It seems the windows let all the cold air right in!

  • Brendawalhof

    Madison-I would love to have the pattern as well. I’ve just started crocheting again – little flowers for the girls’ hair. I think it would be fun to make the scarf for some Christmas gifts. I just made your Pumpkin muffin recipe and can’t wait to have them for b-fast tomorrow! Hope you’re having a great day!

    • MadisonMayberry

      Hey Brenda! So good to hear from you. I didn’t use a pattern but shoot me an e-mail and can send you my best description of the ‘pattern’ I made up. It’s super simple!

  • Kelly

    This is so cute! I would love the pattern too!

  • Erin

    Love this too! My knitting skills are horrible so my chances of actually making a scarf are slim but I would love to try and learn.

    • MadisonMayberry

      My knitting skills are dismal, but I do think that crochet is much much easier. 🙂

  • Infinity scarves are sooo cute and comfy! 😀 How long did it take you to crochet yours and what weight yarn did you use?

    • MadisonMayberry

      Hi Michelle! Thanks for the kind words about the scarf. I use mine all the time. It took me about two hours. I used a thick wool Lion-Brand yarn and an N size hook!

  • Debratuck

    Love your scarf. Would you mind sharing which pattern you used?

    • MadisonMayberry

      I would love to! The thing is, I didn’t really use a pattern! Planning on putting together a quick video tutorial on how to make it though!

  • Jenn Watkins

    what kind of stitch did you use? This turned out amazing! I would love to make some last minute Christmas gifts like this!