Everyday Lunch: Avocado, Tomato and Feta Salad

September 5, 2012

Since we’re enjoying that time in the season where the last of summer produce co-exists with the beginning of fall favorites, I’ve been trying to enjoy both while I can! We still have a container filled with fresh tomatoes from my mother in law’s garden (so much more flavorful than anything you could buy at the store) and I’ve been stocking up on the ripe, creamy avocados that don’t cost a fortune right now.

My favorite part about the days I work from home is that I can take a little time to prepare a lunch for myself. Instead of cramming whatever I can find in the fridge into my lunch container and running out the door in a rush, I have a fridge full of options at my disposal. Usually, I take the opportunity to prepare myself a giant salad packed full of whatever is on hand in our fridge.

This salad is ultra-simple and doesn’t really deserve a recipe. But it’s also incredibly delicious and is worth mentioning in case you’re looking for a little lunchtime (or dinnertime) inspiration.

Avocado, Tomato and Feta Salad
Ingredients (serves 1)
*1 heart of Romaine lettuce, chopped
*1/2 medium avocado, peeled and chopped
*3 to 4 cherry or grape tomatoes, quartered
*1 oz. feta cheese, crumbled
*1 tablespoon poppy seed dressing
*1 tablespoon balsamic vinaigrette or balsamic vinegar
*2 tablespoons hummus (served on the side, optional)

*Toss the ingredients for the salad together. Serve with hummus and toast, if desired.

Happy Cooking!

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  • I could eat this for lunch every single day! Do you chop & prep the night before or the morning of?

    • Madison Mayberry

      You and me both! I usually chop the lettuce and tomatoes in advance and put the lettuce, tomatoes and feta all in separate containers. I wait on the avocado until the morning of and sprinkle with a little lemon or lime juice. šŸ™‚

  • Cindy Germann

    Delicious! Avacado, tomato and feta is one of my favorite combinations. This looks like a perfect lunch.

  • I love avocado! Too bad it doesn’t do well frozen, because I would totally stock up for winter if I could.

  • Baking Serendipity

    Salads are some of my favorite lunches. I love this one…especially with the avocado!

  • Ashley Swanson

    I made this for lunch today and my husband and I loved it! Such a simple, delicious recipe – thanks for sharing, Madison!

    • Madison Mayberry

      Thanks for letting me know, Ashley! I swear that since we’ve gotten married, my husband has become a huge salad eater.

  • CandiR

    This sounds so good and simple. You used the same 2 salad dressings as in the autumn chopped salad, I always have extra so now I know what to do with it. Also, the links ot the recipes on the Recipages do not seem to be working šŸ™