My 5 Things: Natalie Borton

September 11, 2012

WHO: Natalie Borton
WHAT: Managing Editor, Darling Magazine
WHERE: San Diego, CA
BLOG: Thoughts by Natalie

Natalie is a lover of the written word, avocados, beach picnics and champagne. She lives in San Diego with her hilarious and charming husband Brian and scruffy puppy Maggie, and is a Managing Editor for Darling Magazine. You can find her blogging at Thoughts by Natalie, or follow her on Twitter at @natalieborton.

1. Learning. The more I know, the more beautiful I feel. I enjoy reading (books, blogs and magazines alike), traveling and watching documentaries—and I also record nearly every show on Discovery Fit & Health. I love cultivating a beautiful mind (which lasts much longer than a beautiful body) by learning about people, cultures, and especially the way the human body works.

2. My hubby. Brian challenges my mind, encourages me to pursue my passions, leads me closer to God, and makes me laugh more than anyone I know—all things that make me feel radiant, alive and, yes, beautiful.

3. Embracing the natural. I’ve learned that I feel most beautiful when I let my hair air dry and skip my mascara. It makes me feel free to be my authentic self, and takes my focus off of my physical appearance because I spend less time on it.

4. Writing. I love writing truth that encourages other women—especially about real beauty and true identity. It’s how I express myself most authentically.

5. A morning run. Morning is key here, because after 9am my run is sure to be a chore rather than a beauty-infuser. In the morning, the air is crisp and the day is young. I love it when my shoes hit the pavement as the sun is creeping into the sky.

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  • Reply Laura September 11, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Natalie! I especially love your insights about learning and natural beauty. I was reminded when I saw that starbucks cup — you wrote a while about learning to enjoy lattes and wanted to say thanks. It’s liberated me to do so (had definitely been an oddly stressful thing in my psyche)

  • Reply Anabel Gonzalez September 11, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    Love this list, especially number 1, I can definitely relate. Thanks for sharing!

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