Let’s Talk Chambray

December 19, 2012

Since it’s the Wednesday before Christmas and we’ve all got the holidays on our brain, let’s talk about something light hearted and inconsequential, mmkay? Like Chambray shirts, specifically this shirt from J. Crew that I’m wearing. After seeing photo after photo of adorable style bloggers wearing chambray shirts (I’m looking at you, Kendi), I decided that it was high time for me to purchase one of my very own.

Chambray is versatile! It goes with anything and everything! It’s cute and comfortable! Or so I was told.

Last weekend while Joe and I were up in Minneapolis, I had lunch with my dearest (and most stylish) friend, Emily, who happened to be wearing the exact same chambray shirt I own. We spent a hefty chunk of time lamenting about how awkward we feel every time we wear the shirt. Personally, I feel so manly (and like I belong in the early 90’s) every time I wear mine.

So tell me, how do you feel about chambray shirts? Do you own one and love it? Is it just my shirt, or do others feel the same way I do?Ā 


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  • Stacey

    I just jumped on the chambray wagon after being really hesitant about it at first. In some ways I think I felt very similar to how you felt about it being more masculine. However, I paired mine up with a mini bright colored bubble necklace and it seemed to help a lot! Just a suggestion. You still look amazing in yours! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas šŸ™‚

  • I think it looks adorable on you! I don’t own a chambray shirt but I’m not so sure I could pull it off.

  • Kelly

    I think it looks great on you! But I agree, I have one as well and it’s not a comfortable shirt really and I do feel kind of masculine and almost outdated while wearing it. But then I see other bloggers wearing it, like you and it looks so cute! šŸ™‚

  • Melissa

    I love chambray (and denim) shirts! They’re a staple in my closet, but do take a bit of styling to keep from looking to masculine, especially here in Kansas where cowboys and cowgirls are the real deal. I have an ornate pale pink gilded big necklace (clearance at Maurice’s) that I love to wear with my chambray, and I just picked up a gorgeous rose-colored cardigan at Target that has sequins scattered across the shoulders. I’m picturing it over the chambray shirt with the sleeves rolled up and some simple sparkly earrings (probably studs) to finish it off. So basically, my philosophy is to add something uber feminine to balance the look.

  • I looks cute on you! I have one and I like to pair it with really feminine items (big necklaces, under sweaters, tucked into skirts, etc.) to make it feel a bit more girly. The one thing I can’t do is pairing it with other blue denim, that just crosses the line for me šŸ™‚

  • LMR

    I agree with what some of the others are saying–you need to accessorize a Chambray shirt to keep it from being too lumberjack looking! And you can’t wear it with jeans, wearing it with khaki makes it look like a waitress, so, I don’t think they are as wearable as you would think!

  • Jessica

    Well, you look lovely as always. I haven’t hopped on the bandwagon because I just know it would be too time consuming to style each time and then it would end up in my closet unworn. I think it’s all about which bottoms you pair with it – colored crops/skinnies/bell bottoms would work best. Happy Holidays, Madison!

  • Lori Capel

    Love chambray! Throw on a multi-string pearl necklace for instant femininity!


  • Lindsay

    I love mine! I have one from Jcrew outlet. I wear it with black jeggings and knee boots or under cardigans, mostly.

  • Lindsay

    Also – sometimes i throw on a colorful scarf with it!

  • Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    I think they’re really cute! Not manly at all!

  • jamie

    ha! i had the same thoughts when i tried a chambray shirt. i got swept up in the chambray shirt excitement, bought one, tried it on, and returned it right away.

  • Laura

    So, I bought the exact same one as you from j crew (right after thanksgiving, yeah?) and I’ve found it to be very long on me. I keep the bottom button undone, and wear a second shirt underneath, so I rock the boxiness as an outer layer. I agree, the cut of ours is not great for solo wear. However I have hopes it’ll soften up with washing.

  • Amy Wheaton

    I love mine! I have a pair of red skinny jeans and wear it with them a lot, but I’ve worn it to work with a khaki skirt and tights. I have also worn it with black leggings and boots. I’m not brave enough to do it with blue jeans.

  • ooooo I love my new chambray shirt I just got it from New York and Co. and I am ecstatic. I wear mine with my lululemon black tights and a pair of my brown boots. It makes me feel girly, yet relaxed and comfortable. I usually wear my hair half up half down with a few soft curls to complete the look! šŸ™‚

  • Julie @ Table for Two

    I own one but I haven’t worn it since I bought it!! I just don’t know how to pair it with stuff. I suck with style. I need to whip it out to wear though before the fad goes away!

  • Caitlyn Hendrickson

    I live in my chambray shirt, and well my husband’s dress shirts and leggings! Love the look!


  • I hate to say this, but I completely disagree! I think it’s super versatile, and I always feel kind of adorable when I wear mine with black leggings and boots. Yours looks super cute!

  • pwatt err s

    I own one. Mine ‘s a little big, owing to my habit of not always trying things on (new years resolution). I trend to wear it over a tee, sleeves rolled up and more jewelry than usual. I’m not sure if its the dude effect or I’m trying not to look like a slob. Or like I didn’t get the Texas tuxedo memo