The Daddy-Daughter Connection

December 7, 2015


When we told people we were having a little girl, I got a lot of comments from friends and family about the daddy-daughter connection that our baby would have with her dad. I’m super close to my own dad, so I was hopeful that Ainsley would feel the same connection with Joe.

Over the last 9 months, it’s been so fun to see their relationship develop and grow. Joe will be the first to tell you that the first three months weren’t his favorite and that bonding with a baby that doesn’t smile and cries quite a bit is sort of challenging as a dad. They don’t have the benefit of carrying a baby for 9 months and bonding along the way! But over the last 6 months, Joe and Ainsley’s relationship has flourished.

Although I would love to lay claim to being the favorite parent, I have to admit that Joe totally wins that game. The smiles and the giggles and the little love eyes she gives him are out of this world! And while I jokingly give Joe a hard time about being the “favorite” I couldn’t be more thankful that Ainsley loves her dad so much and I have an amazing partner to do this parenting thing with.

This photo of the two of them over Thanksgiving in Florida makes my heart swoon a little. Okay, a lot. I think it may be my favorite photo of all time. Her sweet little bare feet and Christmas dress and Joe holding her little hands? Be still my heart!


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  • Reply Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy December 7, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    So cute — I’m happy to hear you say this! My daughter is three months old and my husband has struggled a little bit with bonding, as well. She loves her daddy, but because I spend all day with her, I’m the one who knows her cries and cues. I think when she’s able to sit up and play it’ll be a little bit different!

  • Reply XO Kerry December 9, 2015 at 5:21 am

    YES! I was worried about Luke the first few months as well because Parker only wanted me. I knew it was because I was the milk machine but it was hard! Now that she’s 9.5 months they have the most special relationship. When she hears the front door open at night she speed crawls to meet him! It melts my heart 🙂

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