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Mom Bods + Bikinis

February 7, 2016


This summer I’m taking my mom bod to the pool in a bikini. Let me back up and say that because of my very long torso I’ve always been a big fan of the two-piece swimsuit out of necessity. But I sort of assumed that after having a baby you were bound to a life of one-piece swimsuits forever and ever, either out of a duty to modesty or a desire to hide things that had stretched and expanded or contracted in funny ways.

Let me take a quick detour to say that I’m incredibly excited that in recent years there has been a resurgence of the one-piece, and I sincerely hope I can find one that works with my body type because there are so many pretty options. I actually have this one on order right now because it’s beautiful and the reviews say it runs long. Fingers crossed!

But after having a baby, I wasn’t quite ready to give up two pieces forever. I’ve always loved wearing a bikini, not because I have the most amazing body (I don’t) or because I look like a supermodel when I wear one (spoiler: not true!) but because I’ve always enjoyed wearing them. I think back to summers spent on the beach in Florida, two summer trips with my family to the Bahamas, endless vacations to warm-weather locals where beach-lounging, swimming and reading was always on the list.

I wore a bikini on every one of those trips and felt so free doing so. While I was never one of those stick-thin high schoolers, putting a bikini on always gave me a sense of carefree confidence. So you can see why the idea of hanging the two piece up forever made me incredibly sad.

A few weeks back it was determined that if I was going to wear a two piece suit post-baby, then it was sure as heck going to be a high quality suit that fit well. I’ve been eyeing the Mara Hoffman bikinis for years, so this January I bit the bullet and ordered 10 different suits online so I could try them all on at home. Ladies? Let me tell you that there is no other way to go swimsuit shopping. It’s much less painful to try them on in the comfort of your own home.

The winner out of all 10? This suit, which fits so well and is so incredibly comfortable. Worth every penny!

As one of my amazing Instagram followers put it…

“Moms should totally rock bikinis! It’s the only time in my life I’ve been confident enough to wear one proudly!”

So, mommas, here’s to finding a bikini that makes you feel and look great and not hanging up our two-pieces quite yet.


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  • Reply Allie February 11, 2016 at 12:45 am

    Madison, I’ve been reading your blog regularly and really enjoy hearing about your views on motherhood and fashion. After reading this post, I am curious about your views on modesty. As a Christian, I struggle with the idea of bikinis. On one hand, I prefer them because I feel that they are more flattering on my body type than a one-piece, but on the other hand I question whether they are honoring to God. I remember being at the pool with some Christian friends and our husbands. The girls were wearing bikinis and I felt a little uneasy about them wearing them in front of my husband. Turns out, it made him uncomfortable too. I look forward to hearing your take on this!

    • Reply MadisonMayberry February 11, 2016 at 2:17 am

      Hi Allie!

      Thank you so much for your sincere and thoughtful comment. I appreciate your question and the thoughtful way you worded it as well! Honestly, after writing this post I did a little reading on the topic and other people’s opinions on the subject. It really gave me pause because I hadn’t really thought about how my faith worked with or against the concept of wearing a bikini. I will say that when Joe and I go away on vacation, I don’t think twice about wearing a bikini. And in my day-to-day life I haven’t really had many reasons to wear a bikini other than when we go away on vacation.

      However, now that we have a little one who will be going to the pool this summer, the conversation is a little different, you know? It’s more of a family environment. Sometimes I think, “well, I don’t have to give up all my sexuality and hide in a one-piece just because I’m a mom!” and on the flip side I think, “Who am I trying to impress and what am I trying to prove?”

      I think I just left myself with more questions than answers just now, but thank you for starting a conversation in my own mind. I do have my fingers crossed that the one piece I ordered will be a good fit for more baby-focused activities and family-friendly affairs. And I have a couple two pieces that are slightly more sporty than the one pictured above. 😉

      Sorry for the novel! I’m just mulling things over like you are! 🙂


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