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WHO: Julie Wunder
WHAT: Meteorologist, Runner, Animal Advocate and New Blogger
BLOG: Running in a Skirt

Hello, E&C readers! My name is Julie, and I love smiles, the color pink, football and country music. I have been reading and enjoying Madison’s “My 5 Things” series on Espresso and Cream. It seems like life gets so crazy these days that sometimes we forget to step back and appreciate all the beautiful things in the world. I think it’s amazing she’s bringing girls together so we can all realize that beauty comes from so many places and we don’t have to be the same or look like a model to have beauty. I know I have so many things to be grateful for and I appreciate the opportunity to share a few things from my life that make me feel beautiful. Thanks, Madison!

1. My Wedding Day & Husband: I felt so beautiful and happy the day I married my husband. The picture sums up the joy of the day. He has made me feel beautiful, strong, smart and funny every day since then. I am so blessed and grateful to have him.

2. My Running Medals: Most of them are finisher medals, but a few of them are age group awards from small community races. I picked up running a few years ago as a hobby and have been blown away at how strong it makes me feel. I even just finished my first marathon! And isn’t strong the new beautiful? Check out my race recap of the Chicago Marathon where I picked up some awesome hardware.

3. Joe Blasco Cosmetics Concealer: I know beauty comes from the inside, but sometimes a little help on the outside can make you feel more like yourself. I wake up at 2:50 AM for my job in morning news and as much as I try to get enough sleep, sometimes it’s impossible. I also have haywire allergy problems. That’s a dangerous combo for bad dark under eye circles. I’ve tried almost every concealer product out there, and this one can wake up my tired eyes, making me feel as beautiful as someone who works a 9-5!

4. A Smile: I watched the musical “Annie” over and over again as a kid. Remember the song, “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile?” Well, that idea stuck with me because I feel most put together and most beautiful when I top off my outfit with a big, bright smile. I believe your inner beauty can shine through a grin no matter what you are wearing or what you are doing – even if it’s something super silly like having fun on vacation in a simple dress with no makeup.

5. My Dogs: I have an odd pair of puppies (They will always be babies in my mind); an 11-year-old Dachshund, Rhett, and a 7-year-old Boxer, Reina. They love unconditionally with all their hearts. Nothing makes me feel as beautiful from the inside as the unrivaled adoration of Rhett and Reina.

Thanks for sharing, Julie! If you’re interested in sharing your 5 things, shoot me an e-mail ( for more information! – Madison

I’m running a bit behind on today’s No Fat Talk Tuesday post, which is a shame because I’m so excited to share with you Stephanie May’s 5 things! You know the drill…

Stephanie May is a world-traveling journalist who is in love with Jesus, with life and with all things beautiful. In early September 2012, she returned from the World Race, an 11-month mission trip to 11 countries around the world (she blogged about it, too!). Currently, she is working for Adventures in Missions as a Storyteller. When she’s not traveling (and especially when she is), she’s writing for The Lipstick Gospel. You can follow her on Twitter at @Smay15.

1. God: The world bombards us with images of what we’re supposed to look like, what we don’t look like and what we should try to change so that we look how we’re ‘supposed to’. I’ve spent my entire life buying into the fact that somehow I’m fundamentally not good enough, and that if I try hard enough that maybe I’ll finally measure up. The thing I’ve realized recently is that God is actually the one that created us, and that He is the expert on our identity and worth. Scripture says that He formed us before we were even born. It says that we’re perfectly and wonderfully made. It says that we are clothed in strength and dignity and it says that we are beautiful and completely without flaw. It’s been quite the process, allowing those truths to sink in. But for the first time, I actually feel worthy, I actually feel like I’m enough and I actually feel beautiful.

2. Girlfriends: Wherever we go, we are compared to the women around us, either by others or by ourselves. We fit ourselves in somewhere on the ‘beauty spectrum’ thinking, “I’m not as beautiful as her, but at least I don’t look like her!” But what I finally realized is that beauty just isn’t linear. With that realization came so much freedom, and for the first time I began to really see the women around me. Each one of them is absolutely stunning. They’re wise and creative and funny and witty. They have flowing brown curls and shockingly blue eyes. Their faces light up when they smile and their giggles captivate a room. We are all different shapes and sizes and when we stop trying to fit ourselves into a line up like a group of inmates- we can appreciate the fact that not one of us is made the same. It’s amazing how beautiful you feel when you start to appreciate true, unique beauty and stop trying to rank it (and yourself.)

3. Pretty Girl Rock: I’m a huge believer in the power and importance of music, and Keri Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock is one of my favorites. It is the best song to add a boost of confidence to any situation. Try it out (and sing loud) – I highly recommend it.

4. A Day at the Spa (or a spa day at home): Sugar scrubs and thick luxurious moisturizers are some of my favorite little luxuries. There is something lovely about taking the time to care for your body in such a tangible way. There is nothing that makes me feel so purely and naturally beautiful.

5. A Little Pop of Glam: If you’ve ever been to prom, a wedding or any other event that required something glamorous, you know what I’m talking about. You feel feminine and elegant. You feel sparkly and confident and like the world is filled with shine and possibility. – Well I decided recently that I don’t want to have to wait for someone to get married to have a little splash of glamour in my life. On days when I’m needing an extra little pop, I’ve started wearing huge and glitzy costume rings or bright red lipstick, bringing that sparkly, glamorous beauty into even the most ordinary of days.

Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! If you’re interested in sharing the 5 things that make you feel beautiful, shoot me an e-mail ( for more information! -Madison

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WHO: Rachel Rhodes
WHAT: Country Music Star-t0-Be
WHERE: Nashville
WEBSITE: Rachel Rhodes Music 

I’ve known Rachel from a distance for quite a while now. She went to a neighboring high school and our paths crossed during school activities from time to time. Now Rachel is living in Nashville getting ready to make it big in the music business. Seriously her music is amazing, just take a visit to her site to have a listen. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! 

Hi everybody! I’m Rachel, and currently I’m living in Nashville, TN, pursuing my dream as a country music singer and songwriter. I will be releasing my debut album this winter, and I couldn’t be more excited to get it out! I am originally from a little farm town in the heart of northwest Iowa (about 10 minutes from Madison’s hometown), so we knew each other a bit before we both moved away for college. I’m so excited to do an E&C guest post, and here are my five things!

1. Big rubber boots and power tools: Sometimes I feel like people take one look at me and think I’m a dainty little flower who wouldn’t dream of dirtying her hands, but it’s not true at all! I do have a serious love for all things pink and lacy and fluffy and sparkly, but I also live in my rubber Hunter boots, and I’m a big fan of power tools. True story: I recently built and installed a mantel above my fireplace. Girl Power.
2. My giant fluffy dog: Dolly is my 1 1/2 year old goldendoodle, and she is probably one of the best investments I have ever made. She is playful, cuddly, usually well-behaved, and my best buddy. And let’s be honest, everyone looks cuter with a puppy.
3.  Having talented, intelligent, hilarious, and beautiful friends: How can I not feel beautiful when I’m surrounded by my best friends of life? It’s sort of an “awesome by association” thing. I have a circle of strong, independent, super-intelligent, beautiful lady friends who are always there for me, and I am seriously honored that they even like me.
4. A signature perfume: It was love as first sniff for myself and Miss Dior Cherie. Sadly, I found out last week that it is being discontinued and I kid you not, I have traveled far and wide to buy out department stores and hoard what little is left.
5. Pizza, bratwurst, and beer: A girl who can hang with the boys is a girl who can hang with me. I’m not saying these foods are beautiful, or even leave me feeling great afterward, but sometimes there’s a time and place to kick back, watch a ball game, and dig in. No kale chips allowed.

WHO: Alisa Link
WHAT: Social Media and Website Guru for Channel 13

Hello! My name is Alisa and I work for Channel 13 in Des Moines.  I do their social media and website content.  I’ve lived all over, in Chicago, New Orleans, and now I’m back in my home state, close to my family, and loving all that Des Moines has to offer for us yuppies.  Here are just a few of the things that make me feel beautiful:

1. Laughing: I cry A LOT, I mean like State Farm commercials and Susan G. Komen ads… but I also laugh a lot.  I guess you would say that I’m emotional.  I love making jokes, I was even named “class clown” in my Spanish class in high school… but my teacher later eluded that it was because I talked so much and didn’t really pay attention in class, and that was a nice way of saying she didn’t like me. I just like the way my eyes crinkle when I smile, I like a good gut-busting chat with my best friend, and I love the little things that my boyfriend does to make me giggle.

2. Bike Riding: I love riding my bike, and I’m pretty good at it.  I have been riding long distances ever since I was a little kid, and it just takes me back to Saturday morning rides as a little kid to Casey’s (20 miles away) with the promise of a sprinkle doughnut half way through…  RAGBRAI was always my summer vacation, and last year, I rode RAGBRAI by myself for the first time, and it was one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve ever tallied, both physically and mentally.  I’m working on my running, but I know I can keep up on two wheels.

3My Promise: When I was in college, my relationship with God was always up and down, but during a particularly “up” time, I sensed that God made me a promise that I would be an “amazing woman”.  I’ve always held onto that when I’ve felt myself pulling away from Him.  I know that no matter what I do to try and plan my life out, God has a plan for me and I can’t muck it up.  He promised me, and he doesn’t just throw promises around.

4. Tiara: My grandparents have a tiara at their house that belongs to my aunt who was Rose Queen or something… But I ALWAYS put it on when I’m over there.  Something about the sparkles on top of my head makes me feel like a princess.  My little cousin would even put it next to my plate on the dinner table to mark where she wanted me to sit.

5. Cardio Rotation class at the Y:  I have been taking this butt-kicking class at the downtown Y for over a year now.  It’s one of the toughest classes at the Y. Fit men and women alike take the class, and are drenched in sweat, lying on the floor begging for mama after it. When I started, I was using the lightest weights, I would pretend to check my phone when I was tired, I could finish about half of each workout, and I would be sore for DAYS after. Now, I take heavier weights and make it through the whole workout without pretending I’m coughing so hard I need to get a drink.

Thanks for sharing, Alisa! If you want to share the 5 things that make you feel beautiful, please send me an e-mail ( for more information! 



WHO: Jenn Mietla
WHAT: Grad Student in Biochemistry
WHERE: Virginia
BIO: Hi everyone!  My name is Jenn Mietla and I am currently living in Richmond, Virginia though I am originally from North Carolina.  I am married to my wonderful husband Daniel, and I am in graduate school working towards a Ph.D. in Biochemistry.  I don’t have a blog yet – but I absolutely love reading them!

1. My husband: My husband makes me feel beautiful every day.  He’s keeps me on my toes, cherishes me, lifts me up when I am sad, makes me laugh constantly, and is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.  All of these things make me feel beautiful on the inside and that makes me feel beautiful on the outside.

2. Getting my hair cut: I absolutely love getting my hair cut.  Someone else washing, cutting, drying, and styling my hair always makes me feel like a million bucks when I’m done.  And I adore my hair stylist – so that’s an added bonus!

3. Reading: Reading to learn about myself makes me feel beautiful.  Whether it’s learning about my personality and why I act the way I do, to books that help me understand that God made me the way I am for a reason, constantly keeping in mind that I am the way I’m meant to be truly makes me feel beautiful.

4. Getting dressed up: Since I’m a graduate student I live in cheap jeans and t-shirts pretty much year round; I don’t want to accidentally get anything from lab (especially bleach) on nice clothes and ruin them!  So when I get the chance to dress up I really feel beautiful.

5. Baking: It sounds a little odd to me, but baking makes me feel beautiful.  I’m pretty good at it, so it boosts my self esteem when people tell me that what I made is fantastic.  I also love baking beautiful things – I appreciate beauty in simple cookies and cakes as well as more elaborate things.  I’m baking mini-cheesecakes for my brother-in-law’s wedding this weekend and I’m super excited about it!

Thanks for being willing to share, Jenn! If you’re interested in sharing the 5 things that make you feel beautiful, shoot me an e-mail ( for more information. -Madison

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