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Espresso and Cream Home Tour {Master Bedroom}

February 20, 2014

Bedroom_1Continuing on with the most drawn-out home tour in the history of all blogs. Today, I’ve got some photos of our master bedroom to share! Honestly, I’ve been avoiding sharing photos of our master bedroom because I have had the hardest time taking photos of this room. Something about the way the room is shaped and the way the light filters in has made it hard to really give you a feel for the room. Work with me, okay?

When we were choosing paint colors for the room I wanted to paint all the walls Dark Pewter by Benjamin Moore. My mom and Joe both thought that would be too dark, so we compromised and painted one wall Dark Pewter (the wall opposite the bed) and the remaining walls a shade of grey from Benjamin Moore. I love the Dark Pewter and couldn’t be happier with the pop of dark on the walls. It’s a chameleon color that changes as the light changes and it’s beautiful.

Our bedding is a mixture of greys and yellows, a common theme in our house. The duvet is from West Elm and the sheets are Calvin Klein that we’ve had for a couple years. The amazing sunflower painting was a belated wedding gift from our friend and talented painter, Marcia Lain Herring. She does wonderful work and I love the jewel tones she used. They’re perfect for the room.

Although the room isn’t huge, we do have space for two dressers. Mine is the dresser with the flowers and Joe’s dresser is on the far wall. Eventually we have plans to make a large closet for Joe in the unfinished part of the basement (hopefully this summer!) since Joe showers in the bathroom downstairs and he’s currently using the second bedroom closet as his own. Houses built in the 1950’s were a little short on closet space!

We played around with a few arrangements when it came to bed placement. Eventually we settled on putting the bed up against a window. I was initially opposed to putting the bed up against a window, but then I remembered my friend Laura placed a bed against a window in her guest room, and it gave me the confidence to do just that. I’m happy with how it turned out, and it really is the best place for the bed.

My mom found this amazing solution for all my jewelry. I have my necklaces hanging from a coat hook behind the door, but earrings, bracelets and rings all go on this little tree-looking jewelry stand. Full disclosure: It doesn’t always look this put-together. 😉

In the name of seasonal decor, we swap out the flowers in this large purple glass vase (from Homegoods) as the seasons change. I just recently swapped out our winter greenery for some spring buds in hopes that it will usher warmer temps soon!



Espresso and Cream Home: Living Room Refresh

January 26, 2014

photo (5)

Welcome to another edition of the Espresso and Cream Home Tour. If I were a good blogger, I’m sure I would have gotten my act together and done a complete home tour series before we hit the 1 year mark in our home (on February 8th), but that’s just not going to happen. I’m trying to draw this thing out and milk it for all it’s worth, friends. 😉

If you’re looking to get caught up, here are the other home tour posts:
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And now, I’m moving on to the living room! Honestly, I’ve been avoiding putting together the living room post because I knew we wanted to do a major overhaul of the living room. Over the past four months, Joe and I have been putting together the living room piece by piece, and I finally have the finished product to show you all! I wish I had better “before” photos, but the photo above is the best I could find off my phone. Here were our major complaints with the room in its before state:

1. The Furniture: White couches look great in a room and they’re super versatile, but they’re also a pain to keep clean. Our couch cushion covers weren’t easy to take off and wash, and I was always worried that we were going to spill or get them dirty when guests visited. Also, I got the couch and love seat when I was a single gal living in Des Moines. Now that I have a husband and two dogs, it was much harder to keep clean.

2. The Drapes/Window Coverings: If you look at the photo above, you’ll notice that the only window coverings on our large picture window consisted of drapes that were, what seemed to us, originals to our 1952 house. Surprisingly, they weren’t all that horrible with our furniture and color scheme, but I really didn’t like the fact that we only had two options. Our drapes were either pulled back, leaving our living room open to the outside world to peer in, or they were drawn shut, allowing no natural light to pour into the room. I was really itching for blinds that would allow us to have something in between and protect our furniture a bit from the sun’s rays.

Ready to take a look at the “after” photos? Here ya go…


The biggest difference in the room comes from the new blinds. We purchased the white wooden blinds through Smith + Noble and they are amazing! I love being able to adjust now much light comes into the room. Although I never thought the old drapes were that bad, it’s amazing how fresh and modern the room feels without them. Instead of paying the $200 installation fee Joe and I opted to install them on our own, and I’m so happy we did! It was incredibly easy!  (Side note: We have a white valance that we have yet to install in the room which will cover the tops of the blinds and hide the brackets. We just haven’t gotten around to installing it yet because we need to have it cut down to fit our room.)

Although I loved the clean look of the blinds, I missed a little bit of the warmth that drapes bring to a room. To bring warmth without the heaviness of full drapes we opted to install two non-functional drape panels on either side of the picture window. There is just enough fabric to keep it warm, but not so much that it overpowers the room.

My mom helped us pull the room together and did a great job pulling patterns for the drapes. I explained to her that I really dislike color in home design but that I love mixing multiple neutral-colored patterns. These drapes totally fit with what I was looking for since they’re bold enough to add some shock value but they still fit with the overall aesthetic.

We opted to replace the love seat with two chairs from Ethan Allen, giving the room a little more open feel. And since our dogs love to sit in the sun and look out the window, our family friend helped us build a little dog bed platform out of palettes. Once we cut it to fit our space, we painted the platform in a color that fit with the room’s color scheme. When we have friends over, we move the dog bed to another room and the platform functions as a coffee table. I love multi-functional pieces of furniture! Especially when they are cheap and easy to make.


Although I would have loved to replace the coffee table and entertainment center, our budget wouldn’t allow us to do everything at once. We’re keeping those pieces for now and will think about refreshing them down the road. We did, however, get a new rug. I had my heart set on a cow hide rug for the longest time. Once Saturday I went to Homegoods to search their rug inventory and was shocked and excited to find exactly what I was looking for! The rug is artificial but it looks great and was much more affordable than a real cow hide rug.

Finally, our sofa is the Henry sofa from West Elm. We opted for the 72-inch sofa and it’s a great fit for our space. I realized that I don’t have a great shot of the sofa, but it’s incredibly versatile and super comfortable. Plus, it’s really easy to keep clean and doesn’t show spots or stains nearly as much as our previous white couch. Major win!

If you’re still with me after this monster post, thank you! Sorry for being so long-winded, but there was so much to say about a single room!


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